$100k pipeline built in 6 months

$85k in revenue in 6 months

How did Gembah manage outreach before Leadfacta?

Gembah's sales-reps split their time between calls and research. Hence, their outbound never scaled, had a high cost of acquisition per lead, and fluctuated dramatically based on rep availability.

What changed after Leadfacta?

Leadfacta created a systematic, repeatable, and scalable approach to lead outreach. Most importantly, it enabled sales reps to focus on sales. Over the course of six months, Gembah hired six new sales reps to handle outbound leads generated from Leadfacta.  



Gembah sales reps can now focus on sales while Leadfacta handles outbound.


Outbound Pipeline

Gembah's outbound pipeline went from zero to $100k in less than six months


Learning from the Data

Sales reps didn't have time to optimize their research or outreach. Leadfacta takes time to review the data so Gembah's research and outreach get's better every day.

Testimonials from the Founders

Leadfacta is like Gembah for sales. We help teams scale manufacturing, Leadfacta helps us scale outbound.

Zach Leonard

Once again, Leadfacta is key to our sales growth.

Steven Blustein