Outbound Prospecting,
made simple.

We focus on finding business leads and managing outreach so you can focus on everything else.


Why you should consider an outbound prospecting service?

Chances are you are leaving money on the table if you don't have an outbound prospecting strategy. Maybe your sales or marketing teams prospect, but that's not their core job. When they get busy, prospecting suffers. With a dedicated prospecting team, you can get quality leads consistently.

More Sales Calls

Every week you can expect 100 to 150 high quality leads dropped right into an outbound sequenced campaigns. Don't have one? We can help with that too. All your sales reps need to do is make time for the incoming appointments!

Returns that Scale

Let’s talk ROI. We should pay for ourselves and then some.  Once you see what we can do, you may start asking for even more leads.  And we can deliver.  Scale as needed without the risk or headache of a full-time hire.

Affordable Expertise

Before founding Leadfacta, we were users.  We couldn’t find the perfect solution to our outbound lead generation.  Our options were either to buy cheap low quality leads or an expensive fully outsourced sales team.   We created our own system and now we are sharing it with you.

What people are saying about Leadfacta

Your success is our success. We can't wait to put your future testimonial right here! 

With Leadfacta, our sales team only had to focus on answering inbound leads, which as we all know is a sales team dream.

Tracy Maull

Leadfacta helped my business grow and focus on my marketing and operations. Outbound is not our strong suit so this was a perfect match for us.

Sean Knecht

Leadfacta’s onboarding process was thorough and in-depth. They really listened to us on who our core customer base is and helped us grow that lead list.

Mark Friedman

How we work to grow your sales.

Our outbound lead program runs like a machine so you can focus on closing. Check out each step of our process by clicking each tab below.

Lead Jam Workshop

Our kickoff session (aka Lead Jam Workshop) is designed to learn as much about your industry as fast as possible so we can co-create an outbound targeting strategy.  Our expertise in outbound combined with your industry knowledge will create the perfect outbound playbook.

○ Select top three target segments
○ Create an ideal customer profile
○ Setup lead scoring

Smart Search

Your work is over, ours is just beginning. We pull on our years of experience and info gathered from our Lead Jam Workshop to put together a unique Smart Search strategy for your desired target segments and ideal customer profile. Our process includes searching LinkedIn, social media, company websites, google results pages, and more. We never buy list. Once the target companies are collected, we aggregate information from multiple databases and ping emails to ensure all contact information is full and accurate. Finally, we share the list, either in excel, google sheets, or imported directly into your email marketing tool.


○ Human research, not machines or outdated lists
○ Individualized search strategy
○ Email validated for accuracy

Campaign Management

Take advantage of our years of experience creating and managing outbound lead campaigns.  We guide you through the creation of outbound campaigns and monitor their results.  

○ Guided email and campaign setup formulated for outbound
○ Campaign management, including tracking KPIs to turn insights into action
○ Your sales team doesn’t lift a finger until a prospect shows interest.

Learn & Repeat

Founded on Lean principles, Leadfacta applies these same principles (build, measure, learn) to your outbound efforts.  We are constantly reviewing campaign metrics and meeting with your sales team to understand how we can improve.

○ Campaign recommended based on past performance
○ Sales rep input gathered to improve our lead targeting strategy
○ Quarterly performance reviews and quarterly planning

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See how Leadfacta creates a systematic, repeatable, and scalable approach to outbound for our clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Leadfacta? 

Leadfacta is a turn-key outbound prospecting solution. Our mission is to help SMBs accelerate their growth through B2B prospecting and sales.

Why not just buy a list? 
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What is the average ROI? 
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How does pricing work? 


Thank you so much for considering Leadfacta. We are a small business passionate about helping other small businesses grow. Leadfacta started 100% by accident and that's how I knew it was a good product. Originally, I was a product consultant at Accenture. Years later, I was running my own agency, helping sales and marketing teams automate processes, build reports, and so on. You can probably guess what happened next. I noticed a pattern. Most sales orgs wanted better outbound prospecting, but no one seemed to have it down to a science. Being a consultant / operations guy, I went to work.

One of my clients, PrideBites, was in the midst of total pivot from B2C to B2B. Over the next year, I would work directly with the Founders of PrideBites to refine the service. The results were unbelievable. As a previous product consultant, I was constantly pushing my clients to prioritize, to build the most impactful features first. Following the same principle, I am no longer focused on product consulting or sales and marketing operations.

Leadfacta is the most impactful offering I can share.