72 New Clients

620% ROI

How did PrideBites manage outreach before Leadfacta?

PrideBites was struggling to balance outbound lead qualifications with sales and account management. PrideBites didn’t have the resources to hire a Full-Time SDR, but their current Sales Reps couldn’t consistently do both lead outreach and sales.  

What changed after Leadfacta?

Leadfacta created a systematic, repeatable, and scalable approach to lead outreach.


A Clear Strategy

PrideBiteshad a spray and pray outbound list building approach before Leadfacta. They knew what worked but had no systematic way of implementing it. Leadfacta guided PrideBites through defining an ideal customer profile, ranking target segments, and creating lead scoring variables.


More Sales Calls,
Less Management

After Leadfacta crafted an outbound strategy, they started handing off leads directly into PrideBitesemail marketing automation software. Leadfacta assigned leads directly to the appropriate Sales Reps and when someone replied, it was automatically in the Sales Reps email inbox.


Learning from the Data

Every two weeks, Leadfacta met with PrideBites to review industry segments and campaign performances. Leadfacta was able to adjust campaigns to continuously improve performance.

Testimonials from the Founders

David let us focus on sales while he and his team focus on outbound lead generation. We work in perfect harmony.

Sean Kncht

Just a year in with Leadfacta, we are already seeing amazing results with no signs of slowing down!

Steven Blustein